Isabel Sants

I’m losing my mind
wondering if you’ll go,

I wonder if leaving
will quench the sorrow

Of needing to know. 

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"The more you know, the less you want to know."
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Ask me to Remember

Ask me to remember. Ask me to remember because I find myself thinking it over so much I fear forgetting. Ask me about the sunset, how we sat watching it sink into the ocean. Ask me to remember it ablaze, as the waves sang lullabies to calm it’s heat.

I used to believe it surrendered, that the sun went willingly towards that blanket of water that called it to sleep. But I’ve watched over a thousand sunsets in my short life, and with each passing moment the sun seems more and more unwilling to leave the day. 

Ask me to remember the sunset of Buenos Aires, where I found the ocean struggle for the first time to take down a sun that finally decided to put up a fight. It was a war unlike any other, with the ocean spilling salt over the earth in it’s exhaustive efforts to move along time, raising waves to capture the sun, only to have them fall, sacrificed, onto merciless barriers of rocks. And the sun simply sailed across the sky, setting fire to the horizon, trying to retreat into the past. 

Ask me about the man who stood beside me as I watched the sun die, again. Ask me about the look I saw in his eyes when I realized the sun dies every night trying to cling to the sky. 

Ask me to remember his voice, saying to me with such hope,

"Will you be mine?"


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"I find truth to be a lot like a siren, singingy me promises from afar. Like a crazed fool I dive into the waters to follow it, to hear it more clearly, to understand it. With a sound so filled with hope I swim deeper and deeper into ambiguity until I drown."
— Isabel Sants
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"It’s easier to tell people who you want to be instead of admitting to them the things you aren’t."
— Isabel Sants
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Strong Realization

Life is short.

There are people who have accumulated more money than most people have seconds in a lifetime. 

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Photo by: Isabel Sants”I love your smile”

Photo by: Isabel Sants

I love your smile”

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Photo by: Isabel SantsBeautiful sunset at the Buenos Aires beach in Trujillo, Peru

Photo by: Isabel Sants

Beautiful sunset at the Buenos Aires beach in Trujillo, Peru

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"All a poet can do is warn."
— Wilfred Owen (via writingquotes)

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"Everyone has talent. What’s rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads."
Erica Jong (via thatlitsite)

Sometimes I wonder
if there is a place in you
where I do not live.

I should be grateful
that you choose me
to fill the space within,

But I’ve filled my own spaces
with too much of myself
to have you live so full in me as well.

Sometimes I wonder
if you can see it, that I’m
soar from the guilt of not
drowning in you, too.

— Isabel Sants
"I won’t read your mind. I won’t unclog the words trapped in your throat. You can corner me with silence, the most violent of messages, and I will only walk away. If you want an apology, if I’ve ever hurt you, you need to tell me if you want me to stay."
— Isabel Sants; unspoken words
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A few things I learned when discussing controversial issues

1. Don’t waste time finger-pointing. Especially when you’re talking about a controversy regarding two separate regions,its risky. At the end of the day, both sides will have their horror stories. Some students did this, some group did that. None of those things matter. What matters are the facts, the laws, violations of human rights, everything else is a distraction.

2. Never lose your temper. Just like when you were bullied as a kid (if you were) you learned after a while ignoring it actually made them stop (sometimes). When it comes to debating something controversial, it’s similar. People are attached to their ideas like they’re limbs, and if they let you prove them wrong they fear they will be limping through the rest of their lives. So like any good doctor, amputate carefully, use a good anesthetic (preferably an even tone and a calmness the saints could envy).

3. Brace yourself for the sarcasm. It’s coming, and it’s coming quick. On the bright side, this is how you know you’ve won your argument. Sarcasm turns the handle that opens the door to a slippery slope. They are about to take a long ride down a painful slide of panic. Give them a hand, use your acrobatic mental skills to reach into their point of view and walk them back to solid ground where they can look at you and see an equal who won’t judge them, an individual who just wants to speak to another individual. 

4. Never forget they are human. Fact is, people say the darndest things (ok, so thats an understatement… people say some crazy stuff). Point is, it’s hard to speak to someone who insists on belittling your theories or dehumanizing a minority involved in the said controversial topic your discussing. Yes, they’re dehumanization of others can sometimes make you lose your basic level of sympathy (that ground zero of tolerance reserved for human beings simply because they are human beings). These people are terrified of what you’re saying, so try and say it differently. At the end of the day, thats what communication is about, understand how different we are, finding ways to build bridges of understanding with people have lived the world differently from ourselves, and so don’t always know how to get from where they are to where you are.

5. Don’t assume you’re right. This is a big world, in an ever expanding universe, with more mystery than answers. You may have the documents, you may have the stats, you may have the very word of G-d who whispered it to you while you were sleeping at night. At the end of the day, we all have the ability to be wrong. So be humble. Listen more than you speak. And whatever you do, don’t become that which you abhor. 

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"Will you forgive me my misspelled words
if they are all I have to give you?"
— Isabel Sants
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